Smart Home Automation

Building a smart home with TouchWand smart home products means building a home with the future in mind, by creating an open ecosystems that will allow home owners to add on new IOT solution in the future, as they become available or as their needs grow or change.

TouchWand products are compatible with most major Z-Wave products, IP controlled devices and KNX devices, providing the ideal solution for building all-inclusive full-featured smart homes. Furthermore, our products are compatible with most other major Z-Wave companies products, such as: Philio, Everspring, Aeon Labs, Fibaro, Vera, Danfross, and even more.

Why TouchWand Products
Stand Out

Compliant with LEED building requirements, meeting USGBC and EDGE standards, developers and home owners alike can rest assured knowing the homes they build with TouchWand are sustainable and efficient – both environmentally and economically.

Since TouchWand products are wire-free they can be easily installed in existing fixtures, to be connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, their setup process is quick, easy and economical, and can be implemented in new homes or in existing electricity infrastructures, without having to rewire the entire property.

Think Green

TouchWand’s home control system has endless configuration options for automated scenarios based on the system’s recommendations, all supporting green efforts.

For example:

Setting AC systems to reach pre-defined temperatures, based on indoor temperature sensors, presence sensors that monitor room occupancy, and magnetic sensors that identify open doors or windows and manage the AC system accordingly.

Automating hot water heaters to provide hot water only when needed, based on usage reports, or to shut down when not needed, if solar heaters are in place and the sun is out (or turn the electric water boilers on, during cloudy days.)

Controlling lights & shutters by using LUX sensors to determine the available natural light in a room, and open/close the window shutters, or turn electric light fixtures on/off, as needed.

Receive notifications to alert when anomalies are identified in their electricity usage based on activity patterns. All these BI-supported features contribute to the growing awareness of actual electricity consumption.

Check out our smarthome application and see how easy it is to setup the smart home scenarios