10 reasons to use the TouchWand Smart Home system

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June 4, 2018
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July 16, 2018


Smart home systems can change your everyday routines and the way your home functions. So it is very legitimate to ask the right questions and clear all of the dilemmas you might have before deciding to go for a full smart home gear.

The idea of transforming your home into a smart one may seem very complicated at first, especially for first-time users and newbies, because of the mixing and matching different network protocols and the need to install all the smart switches, micromodules or outlets and connect all the end units you would like to automate to a central controller.

At the end of the day the benefits will surely weigh down the initial doubts, and with the rapid evolvement of IoT technologies, living in smart homes as part of interconnected Smart Cities is expected to be the standard of the future.

So why not start the first baby-step with a system that offers a simple, easy to operate ecosystem, open for continuous evolvement as your needs may grow or change.


Here are 10 reasons to connect your home with TouchWand:


1. Take your comfort to the next level

One of the primary goals of a smart home system is to provide extra comfort in your day to day life. The simple, small things that we are used to doing manually, can really change our life for better if they run automatically and if we are able to operate them remotely. And by automatically, we don’t mean only the lights turning on and off as you enter and leave a room.

The possibilities of an all-inclusive smart home automation system are endless. Remote control of water heaters, automating shutters and lights, full-featured security systems, notifications of detected malfunctions, connecting temperature sensors to AC systems for maintaining the perfect room temperature, or automatic energy savings – you can have it all – the more end units you connect to the smart system, the better.

With a good central Controller that can bring together different wireless (or even wired) network protocols, by connecting many end units you can automate a lot of features of your household.

TouchWand’s Wanderfull Hub offers the possibility to connect many end units through Z-Wave, KNX, Wi-Fi or BLE networks, under one highly secure Cloud System, and one Application that can be used through any PC, Android or iOS devices – offering an easy control dashboard and access to all connected units, remotely from anywhere.

2.  Save money

Electrical energy savings are probably the most important thing that comes hand in hand with the TouchWand smart home system – without compromising comfort.

Did you know that buildings lose up to 40% of electricity on unoptimized and irrational spending?

TouchWand brings together all connected smart end units under one highly secure Cloud System that stores and analyses user’s consumption data and patterns – providing usage reports, tips and customized recommendations or reduction and optimization of electricity consumption. Who wouldn’t like to cut the electricity bills anyway?


3. Home security

When connected to security cameras and alarm systems, TouchWand can effectively secure your property. You can also add motion sensors, smoke detectors, or flood detectors to ensure early prevention of all kinds of home accidents. With the TouchWand application, you can set triggered scenarios to run as soon as a problem is detected very easily:  turning off the electricity and water immediately or activating the alarm system. If you are an owner of a hotel, or a business center with many rooms and more complex HVAC and electrical systems, early detection of a problem or a system failure can be of crucial importance.

You can also get notified on your phone whenever a problem occurs so that you can make sure everything is fixed before a serious damage happens. By SMS, by mail, or by push notifications – you can choose according to your preference. Home accidents can be a thing of the past.

4. The TouchWand smart home system is understanding and analyzing

The smart living of the future and the concept of Internet of Things means that not only home appliances can now communicate between themselves, transfer and store data when connected to a central “brain” but also analyze the data and consumption patterns and optimize the usage of electricity in order to save energy and improve productivity.

TouchWand’s smart home system connects to a highly secure Cloud, where it stores all data and analyses user’s patterns – providing custom recommendations and scenarios for energy spending optimization.


5. The TouchWand smart home system can add ambient and atmosphere to a party

Colorful lights to light up the room, cozy and romantic warm hues or creating a fairyland for your little kids’ rooms – only your imagination is the limit! Creating the perfect scenario for your evenings through the Touchwand controller and App and the right RGBW lights and AV systems, is simple and goes a long way!


6. The TouchWand smart home system adds value to your property

Whether you are a builder that introduces smart neighborhoods or buildings, a hotel owner that strives for an innovative approach in client service and cost reduction, or you just want to sell your own house a little bit better on the market, integrating a smart home system will add extra value to your property. Taken into account that Smart homes connected to Smart cities is the living concept of the near future, the decision to integrate a smart home system in your home will definitely pay off in the long run. In fact, the sooner, the better!


7. Have the entire home under control through a single App

Simplify your Smart home experience by controlling every connected smart home unit through a single Application on any PC, Android or iOS device. Just log in and be in control of your space with a few taps on your screen, no matter how far away from home you are! Set the home to be ready for your arrival, or set custom scenarios that can run when specific conditions are met –  like activating the AC system when a certain room temperature is reached. With TouchWand, your comfort comes first.


8. Green future

Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are achievable goals when using a smart home system. With TouchWand’s built-in power optimization option, you can significantly cut useless energy spending, and that means less money for bills. TouchWand’s products are also compliant with LEED building requirements and meet USGBC and EDGE standards, and that means they will fit perfectly in any environmentally conscious building project.



9. Small flat, big house – an entire office building or a hotel – we have you covered!

Smart home systems don’t need to be exclusively tailored for smaller places or bigger ones. With touchwand, whatever your needs are – we’ll have you covered. Our products are meant to fit in any kind of project. The compatibility with multiple IoT and BMS protocols, such as Z-Wave, BLE, WiFi, KNX, Modbus, BACnet… makes TouchWand ideal for builders and integrators, as well as for fitting in existing fixtures without the need for rewiring the property.

10. A whole new way to control your household with a multi-functional and sleek touch panel

You don’t always have to log in to the App in order to control the lights, shutters, floor heating AC systems or hot water heaters. The simplest way to do it is through our WallWand  Z-Wave Touch Panel wall controller, that brings together top functionality with a nice, personalized design.

The WallWand wall controller covers up to 16 different scenarios, with 6 direct outputs to control lights and shutters. The wall controller also includes a temperature sensor and that can control different stages of the AC system. And since design is always key, customers have the option to control and set the unit’s background theme from their own photo library for a fully customized and personalized experience. 


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