TouchWand’s application is now available in Russian

10 reasons to use the TouchWand Smart Home system
June 22, 2018

TouchWand’s application can now be used in the Russian language. All users can activate the new feature in the general configuration section in the Settings tab in the Application.

TouchWand always strives for an innovative approach and solutions for all customers in various environments. That’s why our system is available in multiple languages, and also supports different calendars – Christian, Jewish and Muslim for more accurate time-based scenarios.

Other news and recent version updates of our products include:

  • Differentiation of the access to the App by User, Admin and Technician – all of which have different access

The User has the basic privileges:

     -Activating and running a scenario and Controlling and running a unit

The Admin is able to:

     -Add content in the dashboard (favorites and favorite scenarios); Add, edit or delete rooms; Add, edit, delete or activate any type of scenarios; Add, control, edit and run units and unit groups; Add and adjust general settings, reports, energy options, firmware and backups.

The technician or shortly TECH has all permissions in the application.

  • Support for PIMA 832/896 model (for more details on the alarm system compatibility please see the Wanderfull Hub technical manual)

  • Connection of TouchWand’s products to BitWise

BitWise AV Controllers are designed for customizable control of sub-systems at home or any other location.

For more info on the BitWise connectivity and features, please visit the Firmware upgrades section in our Customers support menu.


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