InWand™ Double Micro Module Switch

Touchwand Wanderfull™ Hub
January 1, 2018
InWand ™ Double Micro Module Switch 24V DC
October 1, 2017

A 110-240 volt AC dual-function micro-module switch which can control the operation of two separate lighting units, an electric blind, two different scenarios, or one lighting unit and one scenario.

The Touchwand InWand™ Double Micro Module (110-240V AC) is a compact Z-Wave module which is installed in the electric box behind a two-gang switch controlling and operating two units.

The wall switches behind which they have been installed no longer control the units; they act as inputs for the module which contains a relay to control the units. The relay transmits commands controlling the units, either from the wall switch or from a Z-Wave remote control such as Touchwand’s Wanderfull hub controller operated by a Touchwand’s WallWand touch panel wall controller or the Touchwand mobile phone application, any other Z-Wave hub or the module’s built-in push button.

2 Lights / 1 Shutter / 1 Light + 1 Scenario / 2 Scenarios

This small hidden Z-Wave module controls up to 2 different lights, a shutter, 2 scenarios, or a light and a scenario.

The micro module is installed in the electrical box behind a switch and supports two connected loads of up to 1500 watts each.


  • Control of all parameters of power consumption by the connected units
  • Generation of voltage measure, current power factor, instant power voltage and accumulated power reports
  • Enabling of zero-crossing switch
  • Built in overload protection
  • Automated voltage reports of energy consumption (daily and excess consumption)
  • Ability to receive notifications from the units they control
  • Extremely low power consumption (less than 1W)
  • Over the air firmware updates
  • Designed for simple installation in a 55mm box or 3 module mounting box using standard installation procedures


  • Self-power consumption measurement
  • Energy load consumption measurement
  • Supports the Z-Wave Plus™ communications protocol
  • Operating temperature range: 0-40°C
  • Range:
    • Indoors – up to 40 metres
    • Outdoors – up to 50 metres
  • Dimensions: 42.7 x 42 x 17.2mm
  • Certifications and Standards:
    • CE
    • Z-Wave Plus™