TouchWand ACWand

Touchwand Wanderfull™ Hub with KNX & VRF
August 31, 2018

ACWand – smart control for your air conditioner

Control your AC from anywhere and anytime. Improve your comfort while reducing your energy consumption. ACWand is the ultimate device to control your air conditioner and make it smart. Control, monitor, automate and save energy by connecting TouchWand Wanderfull controller to your ACWand. You can control it locally and globally.

The ACWand is compatible with most of the known air conditioners in the market. ACWand uses Wi-Fi connection to the network and is connected and paired to the Wanderfull controller.
During pairing to the Wanderfull controller you just choose type of AC and connect. When connection is established you can control via the Wanderfull application on/off, cool/heat modes, Fan modes and  temperature.