Touchwand Wanderfull™ Hub with KNX & VRF

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April 18, 2019
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August 31, 2018

The best accessibility solution for smart control of any home, office or hotel

Touchwand Wanderfull™ Hub with KNX & VRF  is a plug & play Z-Wave and KNX based controller that uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to easily connect all smart home components.

The Wanderfull™ Hub is multilingual, supporting over 6 different languages English, German, French, Arabic, Hungarian, Russian and more.

Its initial setup is easy and intuitive, performed through either PC, iOS or Android devices. The Wanderfull™ Hub provides easy, yet powerful single-app control of smart switches, smart shutters, temperature control, hot water heaters, smart locks, smart outlets, smart thermostats, and other home automation and security devices (sold separately), that can be viewed and controlled through the Touchwand App remotely from anywhere.

Touchwand Wanderfull™ Hub combined with the TouchWand cloud support

The easy & affordable way to control any smart home, with one single app.

Energy Savings & Efficiency

The combined use of the Wanderfull™ Hub with connected TouchWand products,
or any other compatible Z-Wave products, provides homes and businesses security, energy savings and peace of mind, along with time-saving cloud-generated advice based on daily usage.

Customized Preferences

The Wanderfull™ Hub also collects consumption data and stores it in the TouchWand cloud (service offered separately) to provide comprehensive analytics and efficiency recommendations based on the home owners’ consumption patterns.

Highly Secure Cloud Service

The Wanderfull™ Hub is compatible with most major Z-Wave brands, BLE,
KNX and Wi-Fi wireless connections. All connections are highly secure, under one cloud service.

Controller Spec

  • Connect the HUB to the power supply and start working
  • One app to view and control all your certified Z-Wave devices using any smartphone or tablet when connected to the internet anywhere in the world
  • Saving money on energy automatically
  • Compatible with most Z-Wave devices
  • Wireless communication makes installation a breeze in any home, office or hotel
  • Supports multi-unit system scenarios based on Z-Wave, KNX,Wi-Fi and BLE
  • Fully support KNX protocol ( Ets 3.0 and Ets 5.0) with direct cast and multicast connectivity
  • Easy, intuitive setup with a simple check box format; adding devices at a later stage is seamless and easy with preconfigured settings for most devices
  • Unique session with TouchWand switches for accurate shutter level and power consumption data
  • Supports multiple IP cameras based on OnVif protocol with H.264,2nd stage
  • Supports most of the VRF systems * Require CoolmasterNet/KNX
  • Support DALI through KNX control
  • An app that learns customers’ preferences and assists with automated activities based on a cloud application combined with human technical support offering local and domestic services with a smart yet easy to understand and operate alert system
  • Includes Christian, Muslim and Jewish calendars for accurate time-based scenarios
  • Full compatibility with LEED and EDGE green building standards

Controller Spec Controller Hardware

  • CPU: ARM Cortex A7
  • Flash Memory: EMMC 4GB
  • RAM: 512MB
  • 2 USB Ports: Host & OTG
  • Ethernet Port
  • Wireless: Z-Wave Plus™, 802.11
    b/g/n Wi-Fi, BLE-4
  •  Dimensions: 170x180x43 mm

Certifications & Standards

  •  CE
  • LEED
  •  Z-Wave Plus™
  • Power Supply Input: DC 12V