WallWand™ Z-Wave Touch Panel with 6 relays

Touchwand Wanderfull™ Hub with KNX & VRF
August 31, 2018
Touchwand Wanderfull™ Hub
January 1, 2018

The WallWand™ Z-Wave touch panel wall controller with 6 relays is an easy to use, attractive, glass smart panel designed to blend in with the décor of the location, allowing control of domestic electric systems such as lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, blinds, alarm and security, audio-visual and sound through an easy to use and easily configurable interface.
The ability to adapt the interface to customer requirements through a wide range of easy-to-install icons and backgrounds, as well as easily defined scenarios makes it highly attractive to building professionals, including builders, architects, interior designers, engineers, integrators and their partners in the building and home design industries.

The WallWand™ Z-Wave touch panel wall controller with 6 relays can control

  • Lighting – on/off switches, dimmers and timers
  • Heating and ventilation –all types of air conditioning and central heating systems – on/off, thermostats and timers
  • Water Heating –hot water boiler thermostats and timers
  • Security alarms and cameras – sensors, security lights and cameras
  • Shutters and blinds – both regular electric blinds and in-glass ones
  • Audio – visual systems – television, home cinema, sound systems
  • Any other smart control function such as doorbells, robot vacuum cleaners, ceiling fans, etc.
    • Attractive, user friendly and easily configurable interface – icons, backgrounds and language
  • Users can easily configure their own interface to the system using a wide range of icons and backgrounds, many of which have been designed with children and teenagers in mind.
  •  The system supports a wide range of languages, including: English, German, French, Arabic, Russian, Hungarian and more.
    • Can be fitted into any home or building without requiring any pre-existing infrastructure
    • Uses advanced and secured wire-free Z-Wave technology
    • Ad hoc and preset operation
    • Operation through user defined scenarios.
  •  Scenarios are situations which the user requires a unit to start or stop operating, or change its mode of operation. For example, heating to be switched on if the temperature falls below 15°C and set to maintain a temperature of 25°C. Lighting, shutters, hot water boilers and sound systems can be switched on and off at pre-set times and more.
  • Users can define up to 12 different scenarios with 6 direct outputs to control devices supporting more than 40 associated units
  • User friendly mobile phone application – for Android and IoS.

Product Details

Z-Wave Plus™, KNX, VRF
150x94x72 mm
Touchscreen 5”

The WallWand Z-Wave touch panel wall controller with 6 relays allows users to:

  • Remotely operate any unit controlled by the system
  • Receive information about the functioning of all units controlled by the system in real time
  • Define scenarios while on the go

There is also a possibility for energy consumption tracking: self-power consumption measurement and load energy consumption measurement.

Advantages & Benefits

  • User friendly, customizable interface – all functions can be operated by the swipe of a finger!
  • Completely tailored to user requirements
  • Uses latest technologies ensuring the highest levels of security
  • Completely wire free
  • Allows monitoring of energy consumption
  • Meets industrial standards
  • Compact, attractive, glass panel interface embedded into the wall which blends harmoniously with interior décor
  • Robust and long lasting