TouchWand Smart Home Application


Full Control at Your Fingertips

The TouchWand application enables full control of Z-Wave & KNX wire and wireless systems.
Home owners, nursing home managers, hotel managers, office building planners, and anyone using the TouchWand system can easily adjust all smart home features, configurations and settings through the user-friendly app.

The TouchWand application offers easy control of all Safe @ Home functions, including smoke detectors, temperature sensors, panic buttons, presence detectors, flood and moisture sensors, and more. All system data, connected modules, and smart home functions can be viewed and controlled remotely through the application. From temperature, lights and shutters to energy consumption and usage stats – the application provides a central control dashboard for the entire premises, which can be easily accessed from the owners’ computer, tablet or smartphone.

From Your Computer, Phone or Tablet

Setting up the TouchWand smart home application is easy – once the TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub is set up and connected to the TouchWand cloud, the homeowner can use Z-Wave SmartStart technology to scan the hub’s unique QR Code, along with the micro module/sensor QR code, to pair the devices.

Once the devices are paired, the TouchWand app can access the TouchWand smart home hub from anywhere in the world, as long as both sides are connected to the internet.

TouchWand mobile application supports the latest Android and iOS versions starting from iOS 11.

Easly change settings and optimize scenarios

The application provides a convenient dashboard to control the central hub, offering a visual display of all smart home rooms and units (lighting, shutters, etc), their area within the home, office or building, and their current configurations.

While other smart home systems require complex setup procedures, which are later problematic to update or change, the TouchWand application makes updates and changes a breeze, allowing homeowners to easily adjust their settings and optimize scenarios, whenever they see fit and in accordance with the system’s usage reports & recommendations.

Smart Central Control

The TouchWand app allows homeowners to assign “Groups”, defining shared configurations for certain rooms or sections of the home. (“Grouping” is especially convenient for hotels and offices running the TouchWand system, as it saves substantial time and effort by offering bulk setup configurations for dozens, even hundreds, of rooms at once.)

The main benefit of this feature is the central control & overview it provides for each defined section of the home – lights can be turned on/off simultaneously for entire groups, and power consumption stats can be analyzed per each section.

By connecting the TouchWand smart home application to the TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub, homeowners can easily use the app to control all important features offered by the central hub.

Z-Wave, KNX, VRF, BACnet or Modbus? Why Choose?

The TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub & application support all commonly used standards and offer the ability to mix & match different systems used in one seamlessly controlled smart home. Offering such interoperability is crucial in today’s fast moving tech world – developers and home owners can rest assured knowing that new systems and features can be integrated into the TouchWand app down the line.

The app provides full control of regular AC systems or AC-VRF systems through a RS232 and IP connection – this means that there are no restrictions and the smart home owner’s door is open to a diverse range of possibilities, covering all needs.

The TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub and smart home application use a Z-Wave Plus protocol, the leading 128-bit encryption system available for today’s smart homes. All connections between the home system and the TouchWand cloud are securely encrypted and smart home owners can use the TouchWand application to change and update their passwords periodically, to add an additional layer of security.