Taking care of our customers

Smart homes should offer more than connectivity and accessibility. TouchWand takes smart home building to the next level, by offering a cloud service and support package that creates a truly intelligent living environment.

TouchWand was built on the belief that smart homes should also think, assist and offer support to home owners building a smart modern home. We creates smart solutions that put the customers and their homes first, at any price.

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Smart optimization

The TouchWand cloud collects, stores and analyzes consumption data, providing home owners with customized reports, tips & ongoing recommendations to continuously reduce and optimize their electricity consumption.

The TouchWand customer service center offers global support in over six languages.

These extra services are unique to TouchWand, available only to home owners who manage their smart home through the TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub.

Extra features that are offered with the TouchWand cloud service include:

Electricity usage analytics and visualized consumption reports.

Automated updates of all TouchWand connected devices and latest available configurations.

Backup of all system configurations and consumption data.

BI-based recommendations based on the consumption patterns, for ongoing system optimization.

A smart BI system that analyzes the data and identifies consumption patterns.

Global customer support in over six languages.

Automate Alerts & Notify Services

In addition to controlling smart home security systems, including door and window locks, alert notifications, and utilizing motion sensors to identify unwanted intruders, TouchWand also measures personal safety by connecting to health trackers, panic buttons, and indoor and outdoor wall sensors that monitor for dangerous or hazardous occurrences within the home, including temperature, humidity, fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, flooding, and more.

Home owners that are also subscribed to the TouchWand cloud and support service can chose to send notifications to the TouchWand support center as well, for real-time and ongoing monitoring of the situation.

NOC – network operation center

The NOC – network operation center, monitoring and support center is the main tool for providing ongoing information to the user through the cloud service.
Furthermore, it provides information regarding the functionality of the entire end units of the system.
As a part of the monitoring activity, the various units are regularly being monitored and sampled, including:
alarms, controllers (either Z-Wave/KNX protocols), cameras, NVR and more …
The system is updated with prompt push notifications at any given time and according to the user’s definition in the event of a malfunction or error whom requiring an immediate attention.

* The system can be configured on a local server rather than using it with the cloud service


Smart Health

Having the option to connect personal health sensors to the central smart home safety control hub is a significant factor when planning a smart home.

Since TouchWand is compatible with most Z-Wave brands and additional devices beyond the TouchWand line of home automation products, it allows home owners to include this important service, upon installation or in the future.

By building the smart home around the TouchWand Wanderfull™ Hub, home owners can sleep soundly at night knowing that they will always have the option to include new well-being functionalities to their home, whenever needed, as needed.