Newly added features: RISCO protocol

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June 22, 2018

TouchWand’s products are now connected to the RISCO Alarm system


Users can now enjoy a full-featured security system when connecting their Wanderfull controller to RISCO sensors and Alarms.


For more details on the initial set up of the Alarm system, and a step-by-step guide, please see the latest Version explanations in Customer support 


Once the unit is added, RISCO will appear in the Units list with the rest of the devices.  Users can easily add RISCO sensors, by clicking on the Add unit button in the Units tab and selecting the sensor and it’s type (RISCO Doors & windows, RISCO motion sensor, RISCO Flood sensor, RISCO Smoke sensor), name and zone. After the RISCO sensors are added and paired, the user can see their status. 

There is also a possibility to operate RISCO using scenarios. In the Scenarios tab, click on Add User Scenario section. Then in the new form enter a name of the user scenario, or in this case, RISCO USER SCENARIO ARM EVENT and assign an action. Select the Alarm icon, then the alarm from the filter and option to arm.

You can also use dynamic scenarios with the Alarm and sensors, and enable activation of units when a certain condition is met. Eg: When “RISCO alarm is armed” and sensor “xx” senses movement then: the siren unit can start/ send notification via email/turn on the garden light etc

The options for the scenarios are almost unlimited.


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